Berlin, Potsdamer Platz. Panorama from 12 single photos, original size ca. 16000x6000 pixel



SF Maskerade

Serves for creating luminance masks, color masks, saturation masks, edge masks and contrast masks and for some nicely effects.

SF TransluSense

Decrease or remove the existing transparency of an image or - in opposition - transform selected colors or the lightness of the pixels into transparency, and much more.

SF ColorMixer

This "different" channel mixer is not only useful if your imaging software is missing a channel mixer, but tops the channel mixers of some professional imaging programs too.

SF GrayMixer

The GrayMixer converts color images into amazing gray tone images.

SF Color Space Converter

For converting a RGB image into HSL or HSB or other color space and vice versa (for experimental purposes).

Understanding Color Management

(only in german) Was haben Farbmanagement und Musik gemeinsam? Verstehen Sie anhand der zahlreichen Analogien, was Farbmanagement ist und was sich hinter Begriffen wie "Rendering Intends" verbirgt. Zudem finden Sie hier konkrete Erläuterungen zu den Einstellungen in Soft- und Hardware.

Praxis Display Calibration

A decent display and its optimal set-up belong to the basic conditions of correct image processing. Here you can find test images and tutorials.

ICC profile diagram with Photoshop

A special Color Space Test Image serves for displaying 2D-views of all available output ICC profiles in Photoshop. (Tutorial only in german)

Tests for Digital Cameras

Verify and compare the sharpness and resolution of your camera and lenses, determine dynamic range and shooting characteristics of your digital camera.

Printer Tests

Test images for verifying gradation, color, resolution and profil quality of desktop printers.

Measure gradation shifts

Some tools for measuring changes in gradation serves for understanding and comparing the most global imaging functions that influence tonal values and contrast.

Measure sharpness and softness

"Contrast curves" for measuring shifts in contrast along the edges of an images serves for understanding and comparing sharpness and blur functions of imaging software.

Blending Modes

Blending Modes of Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and other digital imaging programs with short explanations and the math behind.


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Four filters now in Version 3.5:
SF TransluSense
SF Maskerade
SF GrayMixer Pro
SF ColorMixer Pro.
New features:
Scripting Versions now available for use as Smart Filter in Photoshop
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