SF Color Space Converter

Filter for fast and easy conversion of images between the color models RGB, HSL, HSB, Lab and others.

The image remains displayed - dependent of the host program - in RGB color space. The converter interprets the data of the RGB channels as if it is represented in the source color model, then converts it into the target color model.

This is already sufficient to give insights into the composition of each of the color models or to produce test images, color gradients, etc.


The version available at the moment serves testing purposes and is not free of errors (beta version).

Example of usage

Goal: Creation of an image where the hue H increases from left to right, the saturation S increases from bottom to top and the luminance L is 50%.



1. Make an RGB image where the channels correspond to the intended HSL image (R corresponds to H, G to S, B to L). The example image is displayed to the left with its channels. You can also download it.

2. Convert the image with the SF Color Space Converter. Source color space must be HSL, target space RGB. You can see the result at the bottom left.

3. If you choose HSB instead of HSL, you will get the result displayed at the bottom right.

Conclusion: The color models HSB (e.g. used by Photoshop) and HSL (e.g. used by Paint Shop Pro) differ greatly. In both models only the hue H is the same, but not saturation and luminance/brightness.

hsl hsb

Hue/saturation gradient in HSL (left) and HSB (right)


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SF Color Space Converter

sf_konverter.zip (146 KB)
Plugin for Photoshop and compatible programs. (beta version, Windows only)

The SF Color Space Converter is Freeware and therefore can be copied and distributed freely as long as no charges are being taken.