Color Management

Color management is the task of the imaging program or the operating system, respectively, but nothing where a filter could help. Even though, to make this website more complete I am providing information and several tools concerning this topic. The start will be display calibration (at right), the most important color management issue.

The following articles about the basics and using of color management are available only in german:

Symphonie der Farben
Symphonie der Farben
Farbmanagement verstehen Mehr...
Farbeinstellungen in Bildbearbeitungsprogrammen Mehr...
Den Monitor auf optimale Darstellung trimmen Mehr...
Farbeinstellungen von Digitalkamera und Scanner Mehr...
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Display calibration

The display is our window to the digital world.


Display calibration overview

Setting-up the boundaries:

Black point
White point
Gray point (Color temperature)

Setting-up the mid-tones (gamma):

What gamma has my display?
Gamma calibration

ICC profile diagram with Photoshop

A special Color Space Test Image serves for displaying 2D-views of all available output ICC profiles in Photoshop. See the explanation here (only in german).