Display gray point (color temperature)

The image below allows for examination and correction of a display's gray point or color temperature. The precondition is that your gamma is set to a value of 2.2.

Have a look at the image from a sufficient distance, so that its left halfe appears as a solid gray area. Now the right halfe should have the exact same gray tone.

Is the right halfe considerably brighter or darker, then your gamma value differs from 2.2. Does the right side show a color cast, then one of the color channel's gamma values is incorrect. You can correct for both with the gamma calibration.

If the left side already shows a color cast, then the color temperature is wrong or at least differs to much from the ambient light's temperature. Correcting for this is possible - depending on the type of the display - by either changing a single value for color temperature or by changing the power of the R, G and B light emission, separately. If you cannot find either of these options on your display, you can change color temperature with the set-up tool belonging to your graphics card.


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