Blending modes of Photoshop & Co
All Layer Blending Modes of Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and other digital imaging programs with short explanations and the math behind. More...

Basic articles (PDF)

The following links lead to selected german publications all concerning the image processing topic. You'll find several other articles on my personal home-page

What is "color", actually? (German)

A slider called »Hue« almost always changes the angle of the HSB or HSL color space. Download

What is "saturation", actually? (German)

When it comes to saturation, the situation gets even more complicated. Download

What is "brightness", actually? (German)

»Brightness«, just like saturation, can mean quite different things. Download

What is "sharpness", actually? (German)

Image details as seen on a pixel basis are just tonal value variations, more or less substantial shifts in luminance... Download

Book recommendation

Fotobearbeitung mit Paint Shop Pro X Insiderbuch Digitale Fotografie (German)

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